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The 7K Story

My family has been associated with agriculture and specifically Alberta beef since the 1960s. My father first registered the 7K brand which represented our family - my parents and their five children when he bought his first herd of purebred Black Angus cattle in 1967. The Black Angus were raised on our farm located outside of Edmonton. In 1969 he joined the MacKinnon family, a pioneer ranching family located in Bassano Alberta and formally began pursuing the dream to develop LK Ranches into a fully integrated beef business.

In the years that followed my father continued his passion for the cattle business with his many leadership roles with XL Foods, The Canadian Simmental Association, the Alberta Beef producers and the American Livestock Commission. He officially retired in 1986 but never lost his enthusiasm for agriculture and especially the belief that Alberta produced the very best beef in the world.

My father enjoyed a very close relationship with my sons. His love of agriculture and rural Alberta definitely had an impact on both of the boys. My father passed away in 2012, ironically the same year we began a new venture of raising Texas Longhorn cattle for the purpose of offering it to friends and local restauranteurs.

Today my oldest son Max, a recent graduate of the University of Saskatchewan with an Agriculture Business degree has taken over the leadership of our beef program. He is taking our beef program back to our roots by returning to a more traditional breed - Red Angus Cross. Today we raise a small herd of well looked after animals that enjoy year round grass and hay and are finished on grain. With his passion it is exciting for me to see another generation of my family so committed to raising great animals and producing the very best Alberta beef. His grandfather would be very proud.

- Michael Kaumeyer

The 7K Team

Max Kaumeyer, Beef Manager
Jeff Friesen, Ranch Manager
Diane Friesen, Produce Manager
Deb Kaumeyer, General Manager
Michael Kaumeyer, Director - Innovation